Bespoke Diamond & Tourmaline Ring
Bespoke Diamond & Tourmaline Ring

Bespoke Diamond & Tourmaline Ring

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Product Description

A bespoke redesigned engagement ring. Timeless, Sophisticated, Classy.

  • Designed in Singapore
  • The ring makes up of a gorgeous princess cut diamond, paired with a phenomenal seafoam touramline.
  • This ring was skillfully crafted in Platinum.

    Bespoke Collection

    Each bespoke piece is one-of-a-kind. Each piece of bespoke jewelry is made for and only for a single person. Create something beautiful and memorable for you or your loved ones!

    Bespoke Consultations

    We offer in-person consultations in Singapore during weekdays during business hours. However, if this can't be realized, we provide the same personal touch over the wonders of the internet. Let's weave our imaginations and create something precious together.

    Quality Assurance

    All of Anna Dora jewelry are handcrafted and checked for quality before shipping to ensure that our customers will receive a perfect piece. Diamonds & gems used in Anna Dora jewelry has gone through a selection progress. Only the highest quality are selected in this process.

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